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Reclaiming Self VIP Deep DIve

The Reclaiming of Self program is an 8-week immersion into the depths of decoding our personal psychology, shadow, fear and resistance, and breaking through to the next expansion of self.


During our 8 weeks together, you are provided with the tools, conversations and support to assist you in reclaiming the person you truly are rather then the individual everyone has told you, you should be.


We will be coming together in a sacred online community to empower, share and support each other’s journey back home to themselves.


You will learn about your repetitive patterning, conditional thinking and how your experiences can become your best learning tools.


This is an intensive 8- week course of study meant for new and seasoned individuals looking to dive further into their discovery of self.






- 8 Week online Support

-8 Modules

-1 Curriculum Workbook

-Weekly 90 minute Live & Recorded Calls on Monday’s

-Weekly Online Office Hours on Thursday’s

-Private Facebook Group

-Exclusive Online Community

-Weekly Assignments & Resource Pages

- Exclusive Access to Sarah

- Support for review and feedback of assignments and transformational application

- Bi-weekly Private Additional 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

- Customized Breakthrough & Transformational Worksheets & Content

  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of this product refunds are unavailble