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Energy Healing Session

Healing sessions are the ultimate form or relaxation, theses sessions are completed in a safe, confidential and relaxing environment. As a professional Energy Healer, Sarah’s healing sessions are truly a massage for your neurological system. Described by her clients as a “brain massage” healing sessions act as a way to allow all the stress or your day to float away allowing you to completely dive into the sensation of deep relaxation. Fully clothed you will undergo a light, hands on touch energy massage lasting on average 90 minutes in length for adults, 60 minutes for children. Sessions can be completed in person or remotely.


    Thank you for purchasing this session with Sarah Irwin. In order to be eligible for a refund, you must give 24 hour notification prior to cancelling or rebooking your appointment. Booking is the responsibility of the consumer and must be made at the time of  purchase.