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Healing The Shadow Workshop

When we are continually giving others our power our internal being suffers, our truest and highest self weeps. We begin to feel the misalignment in our bodies and minds. It can show up as stomach aches, ulcers, or a continuous sore throat. It may even show up as headaches or digestive issues. Our body always keeps score each and every time we become unaligned with our truest self. In Healing the Shadow workshop I prompt you to look inwards, get to know who you are and who you are not on a soul level. We will examine how our conditioning has affected us and begin to take responsibility for it. In order to become realigned with ourself we first must examine the parts of us which we disown, the parts we hide from the world, the part of us that we are ashamed of.  Thank you for trusting me to lead you on this journey inwards.