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"Of all the things trauma takes away from us, the worst is our willingness, or even our ability, to be vulnerable. There's a reclaiming that has to happen."

Brene Brown, Rising Strong

If you've been searching for the support to dive into your healing journey, please know, this is your safe house.  Let this website be the birthplace of soul seeking, a safe haven for inner work, and the propeller towards your truest Self. Together we will work collaboratively to help process and de-trigger both past and present traumas. Please understand that this most definitely wont be easy, comfortable, or short term; but it will be worth it. 

  I invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting opportunities that come with evolving and healing.

Much kindness, Sarah.



Reclaiming Of Self 

8 week on-line journey


Our Journey Begins January 6, 2020

The Reclaiming of Self program is an 8-week immersion into the depths of decoding our personal psychology, shadow, fear and resistance, and breaking through to the next expansion of self.

During our 8 weeks together, you are provided with the tools, conversations and support to assist you in reclaiming the person you truly are rather then the individual everyone has told you, you should be.

We will be coming together in a sacred online community to empower, share and support each other’s journey back home to themselves.

You will learn about your repetitive patterning, conditional thinking and how your experiences can become your best learning tools.

This is an intensive 8- week course of study meant for new and seasoned individuals looking to dive further into their discovery of self.


There are TWO LEVELS to choose from depending on your desired level of immersion into the work.


Weekly Curriculum and Worksheets: Our 90-minute calls are full of specific techniques, skills and material with plenty of time for questions and answers. Each class will be accompanied by a worksheet to help you deepen your learning.  Live calls will be Mondays at 12:00pm EST. These calls will be recorded and posted if you are unable to attend. I strongly encourage you to participate in these calls live to enhance your experience and capitalize on access to myself. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have surrounding the call. Assignments will be assigned weekly.

Office Hours: I will be live in the Facebook group for thirty-minutes on Thursdays. This time will be designated towards open discussion and to answer any questions you may have in regards to your assignments. I will post my office hours the evening before.

Optional Coaching: If you desire, you can register for VIP access granting you the opportunity to receive 1:1 60 -minute personalized private coaching calls biweekly. During these calls we will integrate and embody your weekly learning with specific assignments customized to you. We will dive deeper still, fully empowering you to breakthrough and transform. The work we do together will change you forever. You are also welcome to email me your assignments to gain added feedback, perspective, and review.



Road to Healing

Sarah is a respected and well-known intuitive mentor, healer, and yoga instructor from small town Ontario, Canada. Having her intuitive gifts noticed early in childhood, her abilities to sense earth, human and man-made energies became second nature to her. After disconnecting from her gifts as she entered her teen years, it wasn’t until the separation from her husband in 2015 when she began seeking out ways to heal her self from the inside out. Her soul searching and intuition guided her to her first Shamanic training in Massachusetts where at the same time she completed her Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Feeling truly alive and experiencing first hand the correlation between her own healing and the healing of her family surrounding her. Sarah believes no one should ever have to heal alone and has made it her mission to support others on their healing journey. Her gift in creating a safe, soothing environment allows her to walk beside men and women assisting them back into their true self through workshops, classes and retreats.  In the past few years Sarah has spoken at  Wild(her) events, Soul Sessions,  lead yoga classes at festivals, Facilitated Retreats and assisted Fire Walk Ceremonies internationally. You can catch her playing with her two little loves, exploring the outdoors and trecking from arena to arena in her down time. 



"Sarah is the kind of intuitive teacher who not only imparts wisdom but illuminates that which is already contained in the receiver. She is kind, patient, confident and humble at the same time. Her gentle energy invigorates a space by radiating light and warmth that sets others at ease. I can’t speak highly enough of her commitment to her path and to those she guides."

Jessica Larkin
Bernardston, Massachusetts


"Sarah is extremely gifted and just as compassionate as she is gifted. My Reiki experience with her was the most powerful session I have ever had. She is a very trustworthy, empathetic, balanced and intuitive clinician and yoga teacher. Both professionally and personally I have found her intuition to be extraordinary as well as her sense of how to hold space for anyone fortunate enough to be in her care or her yoga classes. I simply can not say enough about Sarah or the humility and grace with which she puts her giftings to use on the behalf of others."

Debbie Schultze
Palmer Lake, Montana

"Sarah is a gifted Intuitive with an innate connection to non-ordinary reality. She puts clients at ease with her calm, compassionate presence. Sarah has genuine concern for other people, which drives her to find innovate and effective responses to dis-ease. She is a talented Healer, Intuitive and Yogi. Sarah is a gift to our planet."

Miriam Katz
Boston Massachusetts
Shamanic Healer